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Burgess Hill Uncovered >> Elections >> Burgess Hill Town Council Election Candidates

2019 Burgess Hill Town Council Election Candidates

Burgess Hill has now been split into 10 electoral wards. They are:

Meeds (2); Norman (1); St Johns (1); Gatehouse (1); Dunstall (1); Victoria (2); Hammonds (1); Leylands (3) ; Franklands (3); St Andrews (3)

In total, 18 councillors sit on Burgess Hill Town Council.

As of March 2019. Burgess Hill Town Council consists of 17 Conservative councillors and 1 Liberal Democrat.

The town council election takes place on Thursday May 2nd.

The full list of the candidates running for election on to Burgess Hill Town Council:

Dunstall Ward - Elects One Councillors
Terry Barnes Green Party
Pamela Haigh Labour
Emma Co-Gunnell White Conservative

Franklands Ward - Elects Three Councillors
Graham Allen Liberal Democrats
Janice Henwood Liberal Democrats
Gemma Bolton Labour
Richard Cherry Conservative
Andrew Landriani Conservative
Tobias Parker Conservative
Robert Duggan Green Party

Gatehouse Ward - Elects One Councillor
Andrew Barrett-Miles Conservative
John Fernandez Green Party
Simon Hayward Labour

Hammonds Ward - Elects One Councillor
Linda Greatorex Labour
Steve Hansford Conservative
Sarah Lawrence Liberal Democrats

Leylands Ward - Elects Three Councillors
Anne Eves Green Party
Tara Greatorex Labour
Diane Heckles Conservative
Liz Kelly Conservative
Prudence Moore Conservative
Simon Hicks Liberal Democrats
Max Nielsen Liberal Democrats

Meeds Ward - Elects Two Councillors
Elaine Bolton Labour
Joseph Foster Liberal Democrats
Tofojjul Hussain Liberal Democrats
Anne Jones Conservative
Adam White Conservative

Norman Ward - Elects One Councillor
David Chalkley Labour
Sylvia Neumann Green Party
Liz White Conservative

St Andrews Ward - Elects Three Councillors
David Andrews Labour
Tony Balsdon Labour
Roger Cartwright Liberal Democrats
Kathy Willis Liberal Democrats
Matthew Cornish Green Party
Christine Cherry Conservative
Colin Holden Conservative
Ray Smith Conservative

St Johns Ward - Elects One Councillor
Robert Eggleston Liberal Democrats
Chris French UKIP
Ian Greatorex Labour
Mustak Miah Conservative

Victoria Ward - Elects Two Councillors
Peter Chapman Independent - BHU
Lee Gibbs Liberal Democrats
Richard Neville Labour
Chris Tomas-Atkin Conservative
Mandy Tomas-Atkin Conservative

The Stats
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Standing Down
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Candidate Bios
Over the next month we hope to bring you bios of many of the candidates standing in the election in order to aid your decision making.

If you're a candidate, email elections@burgesshilluncovered.co.uk with your information along with a photo, and we'll add a page about you to our election section.

The elections are coming! Let people know about their local candidates.


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