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Burgess Hill Uncovered >> Elections >> Member Of Parliament Candidates For Mid Sussex

westminster mid sussex general election 20152015 Member Of Parliament Candidates For Mid Sussex

On Thursday May 7th you will go to the polls to decide who will represent the people of Mid Sussex at Westminster.

Nicolas Soames has been the MP for many terms, too many for some. Labelled as a 'Part-time MP' and the 4th highest earner among MP's for income generated outside of parliament, isn't it time we had a change?

There are six contenders vying to take his seat. Who will you be voting for?

Here are the runners and riders for the 2015 Mid Sussex Parliamentary seat:

The Full Result
Mid Sussex Parliamentary Candidates   Votes %
Nicholas Soames Conservative Party 32,268 56.1
Greg Mountain Labour Party 7,982 13.9
Toby Brothers UKIP 6,898 12.0
Daisy Cooper Liberal Democrats 6,604 11.5
Miranda Diboll Green Party 2,453 4.3
Beki Adam Independent 958 1.7
Baron Von Thunderclap Monster Raving Loony Party 329 0.6

Turnout 72.3%

The elections are coming! Let people know about their local candidates. Let's have a big change come May thank you very much!


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