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mid sussex district council elections 2015 Tories Win All 54 District Council Seats

10th May 2015

Bad news for the residents of Burgess Hill and Mid Sussex as the Conservative party won all 54 seats on Mid Sussex District Council.

The 54 councillor shut-out means that there will be no scrutiny of the council's actions, no debates and they'll not have to face a grilling from opposing councillors.

If you have an issue with the district council and their decisions, you'll not have any councillors to speak up on your behalf.

Last term, the Lib Dems held three of the seats on behalf of Burgess Hill, they've now been wiped out.

The 12 Burgess Hill seats on the Distict Council were won by the Tories with 48.75% of the vote, meaning that the majority of voters did not want them in.

Of the six Burgess Hill Wards, only Dunstall and Leylands had more Conservative voters than non-Tory voters.

The Full Result
Of The District Council Seats Contested In Burgess Hill:

Dunstall Ward   Votes
Jacqui Landriani Conservative Party 1385
Andrew Barrett-Miles Conservative Party 1372
Tim Cooper UKIP 463
Sue Knight Liberal Democrats 389
Pamela Haigh Labour Party 361
David Chalkley Labour Party 340
Graham Knight Liberal Democrats 331
Heather Salisbury Green Party 267
4908 - Total Votes
2757 - Tory Votes
2151 - Non Tory Votes,
Vote Share: Tories 56%, Non Tory 44%

Franklands Ward   Votes
Chris King Conservative Party 1435
Ginny Heard Conservative Party 1179
Graham Allen Liberal Democrats 732
Richard Tudway Liberal Democrats 576
Gerry Carter UKIP 512
Richard Kavanagh Labour Party 394
Elaine Bolton Green Party 311
Robert Duggan Green Party 212
5351 - Total Votes
2614 - Tory Votes
2737 - Non Tory Votes
Vote Share: Tories 49%, Non Tory 51%

Leylands Ward   Votes
Publicity Pru Moore Conservative Party 1209
Cherry Catharine Conservative Party 1181
Simon Hicks Liberal Democrats 680
Sue Jex Labour Party 459
Tofojjul Hussain Liberal Democrats 443
Anne Eves Green Party 344

4316 - Total Votes
2390 - Tory Votes
1926 - Non Tory Votes

Vote Share:Tories 55%, Non Tory 45%


Meeds Ward   Votes
Anne Jones Conservative Party 1020
Richard Cherry Conservative Party 769
Janice Henwood Liberal Democrats 713
Robert Eggleston Liberal Democrats 697
Tony Balsdon Labour Party 503
Chris French UKIP 432
Penny Ritson Labour Party 394

4528 - Total Votes
1789 - Tory Votes
2739 - Non Tory Votes
Vote Share:
Tories 40% Non Tory 60%


St Andrews Ward   Votes
Kirsty Page Conservative Party 1089
Colin Holden Conservative Party 907
Roger Cartwright Liberal Democrats 606
David Boot Labour Party 566
Kathy Willis Liberal Democrats 530
Dan Kinning UKIP 465
Matthew Cornish Green Party 297

4460 - Total Votes
1996 - Tory Votes
2464 - Non Tory Votes
Vote Share: Tories 45% Non Tory 55%


Victoria Ward   Votes
Steve Hansford Conservative Party 1188
Mandy Thomas-Atkin Conservative Party 988
Dean Faria Labour Party 561
Geoffrey Boore UKIP 492
Mike Bliss Liberal Democrats 489
Collette Prevett Liberal Democrats 435
Terry Barnes Green Party 237
John Fernandez Green Party 196

4586 - Total Votes
2176 - Tory Votes
2410 - Non Tory Votes
Vote Share: Tories 47% Non Tory 53%


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