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burgess hill town council election results Conservatives Win 17 Of The 18 Town Council Seats

10th May 2015

Janice Henwood has her work cut out for her on Burgess Hill Town Council as she is the only non-Conservative to be elected across all six wards.

The Tories secured 17 of the 18 seats available with 50.4% of all votes cast going their way.

With only one minority councillor, it will be impossible to add items to the agenda for debate as you need two people to table a motion to the council.

The Full Result
Of The 2015 Burgess Hill Town Council Election:

Dunstall Ward   Votes
Wendy Agate Conservative Party 1385
Jacqui Landriani Conservative Party 1365
Andrew Barrett-Miles Conservative Party 1353
Tim Cooper UKIP 502
Sue Knight Liberal Democrats 480
Graham Knight Liberal Democrats 452
Pamela Haigh Labour Party 433
David Chalkley Labour Party 425
Heather Salisbury Green Party 415

6810 - Total Votes
4103 - Tory Votes
2707 - Non Tory Votes
Vote Share: Tories 60% Non Tory 40%


Franklands Ward   Votes
Julian Thorpe Conservative Party 1324
Claire Fussell Conservative Party 1297
John Merrill Conservative Party 1284
Graham Allen Liberal Democrats 770
Peter Barton Liberal Democrats 725
Richard Tudway Liberal Democrats 578
Gerry Carter UKIP 553
Richard Kavanagh Labour Party 459
Elaine Bolton Green Party 404
Robert Duggan Green Party 320

7714 - Total Votes
3905 - Tory Votes
3809 - Non Tory Votes
Vote Share: Tories 51% Non Tory 49%


Leylands Ward   Votes
Cherry Catharine Conservative Party 1180
Publicity Pru Moore Conservative Party 1180
Diane Heckels Conservative Party 880
Simon Hicks Liberal Democrats 723
Tofojjul Hussain Liberal Democrats 514
Sue Jex Labour Party 495
Max Nielsen Liberal Democrats 472
Anne Eves Green Party 392

5800 - Total Votes
3204 - Tory Votes
2596 - Non Tory Votes
Vote Share: Tories 55% Non Tory 45%


Meeds Ward   Votes
Richard Cherry Conservative Party 836
Anne Jones Conservative Party 1035
Janice Henwood Liberal Democrats 776
Sarah Voce Conservative Party 721
Robert Eggleston Liberal Democrats 701
Lesley Cartwright Liberal Democrats 698
Tony Balsdon Labour Party 554
Chris French UKIP 473
Penny Ritson Labour Party 451

6245 - Total Votes
2592 - Tory Votes
3653 - Non Tory Votes
Vote Share: Tories 42% Non Tory 58%


St Andrews Ward   Votes
Kirsty Page Conservative Party 1060
Colin Holden Conservative Party 942
Chris Cherry Conservative Party 902
Roger Cartwright Liberal Democrats 566
Caroline Croft Liberal Democrats 543
David Andrews Labour Party 526
Kathy Willis Liberal Democrats 509
David Boot Labour Party 482
Dan Kinning UKIP 463
Linda Gregory Labour Party 351
Matthew Cornish Green Party 255

6599 - Total Votes
2904 - Tory Votes
3695 - Non Tory Votes
Vote Share: Tories 44% Non Tory 56%


Victoria Ward   Votes
Chris Thomas-Atkin Conservative Party 1044
Steve Hansford Conservative Party 1041
Mandy Thomas-Atkin Conservative Party 1004
Dean Faria Labour Party 657
Mike Bliss Liberal Democrats 588
Collette Prevett Liberal Democrats 581
Geoffrey Boore UKIP 547
Terry Barnes Green Party 341
John Fernandez Green Party 316

6119 - Total Votes
3089 - Tory Votes
3030 - Non Tory Votes
Vote Share: Tories 50.5% Non Tory 49.5%


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