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Burgess Hill and Mid Sussex Local Elections 2011
Emily White Is Not Alright

Attention residents of Victoria Ward. The Conservatives are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of voters.

In an act of tactical candidate placing, they have put forward
21 year old Emily White to be elected as both a Town and District Councillor for the Victoria Ward in Burgess Hill.

What's wrong in that you may be thinking? Well I'll tell you what's up. She lives in Ansty, and the Conservative party haven't felt the need to tell anyone this rather important detail.

You can see a full list of candidates, the wards they are standing in, and their home addresses here.

Why have the Conservatives chosen Emily White as a candidate?
In the 2007 elections there were male and female candidates for both parties. Voters chose to elect the female Conservative candidate and the female Liberal Democrat candidate. It was a very surprising result as Lib Dem political heavyweight Graham Knight missed out in getting a seat on the District Council.

With 2007's result in mind, the Conservatives are going with a female duo, knowing that voters in the Victoria Ward appear to favour ladies. It also helps that Emily is a rather attractive young lady and could win the male vote. A point backed up when a member of the BHU team said 'I'm going to vote for that Emily bird as she's fit'.

Why should people vote for Emily White?
Quite simply, you shouldn't! How can she possibly represent the Victoria Ward with no in-depth knowledge of the area? It's all very easy for the Conservatives to take a few pictures of her at various locations across the ward to make it look like she's active in the area, but in reality how much time has she spent in the Victoria Ward?

Ask yourself this local residents, what do you know about Ansty? Could you stand for election to represent the people of Ansty on May 5th and know that you'd do a good job for them if elected onto the council? No, I didn't think so, me neither.

The Conservatives have billed Emily as a keen sportswoman and that she'd be a great choice to represent the Victoria Ward. How being keen sportswoman is relevant to being a councillor I do not know. No evidence has been given on how she'd be a 'great choice' for the Victoria Ward at all. In reality she's a terrible choice as she doesn't live in the town and never has done, but the Conservatives don't want you to know that!

Interestingly, Emily's Facebook page has been made private, but not before we got to have a good look at it when the Conservative election literature was first distributed. Let it be known that her profile made no reference to any interest in sport at all, none of her many photos contained anything sports related.
What you do get to see is masses of pictures of Emily out drinking. Her profile lists a pub as a former workplace. It prompted the Burgess Hill Uncovered Office Cleaner to point out that Emily is infact a sports woman afterall. Shes into weightlifting - lifting pints of beer!

Lets also remember that Emily is just 21 years old. How many 21 year olds bother to take great interest in local politics and know how how local council works? Going out drinking and having a social life is more a priority when you are 21, and Emily's Facebook page is evidence of that.

If you've not seen Emily out canvassing, now you know why. She's being protected from exposing her lack of knowledge.

Please do the right thing on May 5th and do not vote for Emily White. She will not be a useful councillor. She's just being used for her appearance and gender in order to get another blue seat on the district council as the Conservatives seek to remain in power. If Emily gets in, then the Conservatives will look to pull this stunt in future elections, making a complete mockery of what a local councillor really is.

Yes readers, I know the Lib Dems are playing musical chairs

If Emily is elected, then you are denying candidates that actually live in Burgess Hill the chance to represent their town on both councils. Not very fair is it?

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A typical controversially written article by Burgess Hill Uncovered, but very much in the voters interest. Wether you agree with us or not, please leave your comments below.


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