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Burgess Hill Uncovered >> Features >> Former Burgess Hill Town Centre Businesses

burgess hill town centre20 Former Burgess Hill Shops That You May Have Forgotten About

Over the weekend, a mass sort-out of our Burgess Hill photos took place. We discovered that our shops folder was full of many businesses that have now closed their doors to the Burgess Hill public over the past 10 years.

Here's a list of twenty that you may or may not remember.

1. Bradleys Sweet Shop

2. China World

3. Class Act

4. Dr China

5. First Choice

6. Kadar

7. Man Shop

8. Mid Sussex Pine

9. NCH

10. New York Nails

11. Safe Haven For Donkeys In The Holyland

12. Paperbox

13. The Pound Plus

14. Round Sounds

15. Russells

16. Scope

17. Stead And Simpson

18. Stems
19. SupaSnaps

20. Wizard Stores

Send us your pictures! If you'd have any photos of shops that used to be in the town centre, we'd love to add them to this gallery. Please send them to webmaster@burgesshilluncovered.co.uk

Talk to us - What are your memories of the above shops? Have you any stories to tell? Please comment below.


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