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burgess hill cricket clubPolice Arrest 4 Youths In Connection With Triple Burglary At Burgess Hill Cricket Club

11th June 2017
by Peter Chapman

Sussex Police swooped on the addresses of 4 youths on Saturday morning and made 4 arrests in connection with the burglaries at Burgess Hill Cricket Club.

BHU understands that a number of items of interest were recovered by the police. You can find out what was stolen and the reaction from the club in our original story from earlier in the week here

Two males and a female aged 17, 16 and 15 respectively from the Burgess Hill area and a 14 year old from Haywards Heath were taken to Crawley Custody.

One of the leads used by the police was a photo posted on Facebook by one of the suspects in the early hours of Friday morning June 2nd - the same morning of the first burglary. In the picture were 4 youths posing with a huge haul of alcohol.

There's a lesson to be learnt here kids, if you are going to steal from within your own community, then don't foolishly post incriminating evidence against yourself just to brag to your friends on social media.

Another drawback of targeting such a facility is that you end up with a large network of people knowing who you are, which makes future life in the community very awkward indeed.

We await news if Sussex Police have enough evidence to bring charges against any of the youngsters. It would be very much in the public interest to do so given the circumstances.

Spread the word, arrests have been made in connecting with the cricket club burglaries

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