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Burgess Hill and Mid Sussex Local Elections 2011 -
Publicity Pru Moore set for defeat in Leylands Ward?

Councillor Pru MooreIt's the political match-up that Burgess Hill Uncovered have been dreaming of for years.

Simon Hicks, our favourite blogging town councillor is transferring over to the Leylands Ward for the May 5th elections. He's doubling up and will challenge for a seat on the District Council too. It means that he goes head-to-head with Publicity Pru Moore,

This is excellent news as Pru could be in serious danger of losing her seat on the council. It also means she'd be off the elite cabinet and would no longer be the decision maker for leisure and sustainability issues. Hopefully her replacement will make a better fist of things such as ensuring that there are no more cock-ups with refuse collections and that Pitch and Putt at Beach Hurst Gardens may stand a chance of getting reinstated!

The other bonus would be the total lack Pru's face being printed in the Mid Sussex Times every other week along with her stupid quotes. We'd finally get another fame whore emerge from the council instead.

Burgess Hill Uncovered would like to urge all eligable voters in the Leylands Ward to back Simon Hicks and not to vote for Pru Moore under any circumstances! Simon is a chap that really cares about the town and unlike the majority of the councillors, he takes the time to write about what's happening at the council on his excellent blog for the benefit of the residents. He's a true 21st century councillor. Please give him your support!

Moore OUT Hicks IN!

Are you sick of 'Publicity' Pru? Leave a comment below.


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