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Fined For Not Using Flooded Car Park Correctly

multistorey flooded

MSDC have come under fire from a member of the public for failing to support the local traders by fining users of the multistorey car park who fail to correctly park within bays which are obscured by flooding.

The following comes from Christina….

I thought you maybe interested in how your council treats visitors to the town centre.

Up until a year ago I was a resident of Burgess Hill of 21 years standing. I return on a weekly basis to visit family and friends. When resident I always tried to support the local traders, parking legally and paying the exorbitant parking fees, returning well within the time so that they always made money out of me.

Two weeks it was pouring with rain so I decided to park in the seedy and run down underground car park at the Martlets. On my level there was my car and 4 others. I parked as I went to get out I realised there was a huge puddle so I moved my car a little to avoid this. Paid the parking fee and went to shop, as I always do to carry on my support of the traders in a worsening decline of the town centre. On my return I found a parking ticket as I had not parked within the marked bay. In an empty car park!!!!!

I challenged this on the basis of common sense and visitor goodwill. This was rejected on the basis that I could have moved to another space to avoid the puddle.

Whilst I have paid this fine, I have written again to express my anger at the ludicrous situation and a definite feeling of the law being an ass.

At £50 a pop I won’t be visiting the town centre again. If this is the way that MSDC supports Burgess Hill traders then I fear there is no hope for the town.

flooded car park 2

For years now the multistory car park has been a flooded mess. We first reported on the issue back in 2008 (Read here)  the council have used so much public money trying to fix the problem and are constantly failing.  Why?

So how can it be right that they can fine people for not parking properly in a flooded car park which really is not fit for purpose and is probably in breach of some health and safety laws? They are lucky that some people even still try and use it!

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What do you think about this issue? Would you have fined someone for buying a ticket and at least trying to use their diabolical car park?


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