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Anne Jones Becomes The Unelected Mayor Of Burgess Hill

anny jones unelected mayor of burgess hill

Wonderful news for fans of unelected mayors as Burgess Hill has a new one!

At last nights full meeting of the town council, Anne Jones was voted into the role by absolutely no one. She succeeds Cllr Christopher Thomas-Atkin who represented absolutely no one for the past few years.

The new deputy mayor is Jacqui Landriani.

Previously in a poll on Burgess Hill Uncovered, over 85% believed that the public should choose the mayor (a position which was installed without any consultation with the public)

Anne Jones is now a Town, District and County Councillor along with her new role of Unelected Mayor. Let’s hope she can fulfill all the roles adequately.

We here at Burgess Hill Uncovered wish AnneĀ  the very best in her new empty role.

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