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Details of Waitrose’s Closure And Reopening Dates

waitrose sign burgess hill

Unless you avoid the town centre, then you wouldn’t have failed to notice that some pretty extensive redevelopment work is taking place at Waitrose. The store is in the final throws of seeing it’s 50% floor space expansion being completed.

Contrasting stories  online were causing confusion as to whether the store would be closing for a period of time or not. We popped along to the Waitrose and spoke to a chap named Ed. He was very smart and shared his knowledge…

waitrose closure poster

When Is It Closing?
Waitrose will close to the public at 6pm on Saturday 16th November.

When Is It Reopening?
The fancy new store complete with Café will be revealed to the public on Friday 22nd November at 7:30am.

What’s Changing?
If you’ve not seen what the redevelopment will bring, here’s a handy diagram (click to see full size)
Waitrose Burgess Hill New Layout

Part of the new extension is already open which boasts an extensive alcohol section.

(Photo taken by Jeremy Clarke)

Also, new service counters for meat and cheese are now operational. However, it was rather distressing to be faced with this rather large sign…

Waitrose Patisserie
The BHU are huge fans of the Waitrose patisserie, it’s temporary closure is so rude!

And finally….
For fans of shrubbery, you’ll be pleased to know that a team of landscape gardeners have been hard at work today making the boundary with Station Road and Civic Way look rather nice:
waitrose plants


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