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First Burgess Hill ‘Harlem Shake’ Video Created

We here at Burgess Hill Uncovered pondered how long¬† it would take someone in Burgess Hill to jump on the ‘Harlem Shake’ bandwagon. Well the answer was ‘Friday’

The chaps at Apollo Lasertag in the town centre have produced their own version of the viral video….

We spoke to Apollo Director Phil Karn to get a little bit of information (It was over Facebook via keyboard actually)

The Harlem Shake just sums up the sense of humour the staff at Apollo have.

Staff and friends of the staff

Why the Henry vacuum?
Henry is an integral part of the Apollo staff and works hard in the arena every night. It would be wrong to do a video without him.

Thanks Phil!¬† The video has 276 views as of 20:35 on Sunday 3rd March. It’s about to soar!

Will we see more ‘Harlem Shake’ videos in Burgess Hill? Watch this space!

Apollo Lasertag Burgess Hill Harlem Shake Video

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