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VIDEO – Gordon Gorilla Invades Burgess Hill Skate Park

Gordon the Gorilla’s first appearance in 5 years involved invading the Coca Cola Christmas Truck event at Tesco. For his next outing, our furry friend somehow aquired some rollerblades and went along to the the Skate Park in St Johns Park, Burgess Hill to try his hand on the ramps. How did he get on? Watch the video to find out!

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Where would you like to see Gordon the Gorilla invade next in Burgess Hill? All suggestions will be considered! Please comment below.

5 Responses to “VIDEO – Gordon Gorilla Invades Burgess Hill Skate Park”

  1. Southway or Gattons and the end of the school day and walk away with a small girl, that should turn some heads (not suggesting kidnap, i'm suggesting the girl knows the point in it….)

  2. I think he should go to the Kings Way planning application hearing on the 5th! On his rollerblades! Lose the Hi-Viz jacket though. The council might demand it back.

  3. He should show he's just a normal gorilla about town: go shopping in Waitrose, have a coffee at Costa, place a bet at Ladbrokes, pop in the pet shop, etc

  4. oathall community collage

  5. He should invade Fairfield wreck pitch

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